July 12, 2024

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బెస్ట్ సెల్లింగ్ డైలీ బ్రాడ్కాస్ట్.

‘Gally Gang Stars’ movie to be released on July 26 by ‘ABD Productions’

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Sanjay Sree Raj (Sanjay Sree Raj), who has appeared in short films like as ‘Clue’ and ‘Manchi Koffi Lanti Kadha’, makes his debut as a hero in the film ‘Gally Gang Stars’, which stars Priya Srinivas as the heroine. The production company ‘ABD Productions’, which produced the experimental picture ‘May 16’, is taking a further step ahead with the theatrical release of ‘Gally Gang Stars’. The music from this movie are already available on ‘Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Riso Player, Hungama, Jio Sawan, Gana, and YouTube Music’. The song ‘Bholo Shankara’ from the film was positively received.

“We shot ‘Gally Gang Stars’ in Nellore,” stated director Dharma. The circumstances that orphans living in a gully had to deal with are the subject of this film.” His part in the narrative is equally as significant as his roles in cinematography, editing, direction supervision and DI in this film. Director for the movie ‘Gally gang stars” Venkatesh kondipogu is also the story writer this film.

The film centers on a crime scenario, with four orphans serving as the primary characters, according to producer Dr. Araveti Yashovardhan. The general public will undoubtedly enjoy the film, which is a must-watch.

After putting a lot of work into the film, both the director and the producer stated that they hope it becomes well-known. He conveyed the hope that the low budget film will be well received by the audience. We have been informed that the 26th of July will mark the release of this film.

cast :
Sanjay Sree Raj, Priya Srinivas, Bharath , Ritheka, Rj Baalu, Chandu, Tarak, Murali Krishna Reddy & etc

Crew :
Production : ABD Productions
Producer: Dr. Araveti Yashovardhan
Story & Director : Dharma, Venkatesh Kondipogu
Direction Supervision – Writer – Edito – DOP- DI : Dharma
Music Director : Satya, Sharath Ram Ravi
PRO: Madhu VR

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