September 24, 2022

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Mr X Movie Review

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Story, Screenplay & Direction: Mr. Zuber
Producer: Arunodaya Film Works
Music: Venkatesh Addanki
Cinematography: Gopi (Amitabh)
Editor: Anil Kumar
Cast: Pavani, Preeti Sundar, Pialo Hitondoders etc.
Released: 19 November 2021
Rating: 3.25 / 5
Genre: Crime Thriller.

There have been a lot of movies on crime themes so far. The films that came with an attempt to tell something new with a different story and screenplay were well received. The film Mr. X came up with a different concept in this context? Coming with a different story as a crime and thriller, the film is set against the backdrop of drug smuggling. Who is this Mr. X who is set in Revenge? If you want to know what that story is, you have to go into the story ..


The international Nigerian drug smuggler (Negroes) traps many air hostesses and uses them for their drug smuggling business. Smuggling with them by planes. Air hostess (Preeti Sundar), who was blackmailed, and Pia fall into their trap. Initially agrees to smuggle drugs on planes, the reason being agreed for money purposes. But after a while, she felt guilty doing the drug smuggling business. She wanted to surrender to the police department along with drug material worth Rs 10 crore as the drug smugglers said they could not do such a wrong thing. Upon learning of this, the Negro smugglers prepared to kill her. They plotted and killed Preeti Sundar and made drug material worth Rs 10 crore from her house. But they did not find that material. In this situation, the sister of the air hostess, Pavani, comes from the USA and tries to find out the possible reasons for her sister’s murder with the help of a police officer Mr. Lohit. How did she handle the original drug smugglers? How did she avenge her sister’s murder? If you want to know things like, you have to watch a movie


Pavani and Preeti Sundar, who played the main lead in the film, both tried to impress in their respective roles. In particular, Pavani, as a girl who takes revenge on those who killed her sister, has done well in terms of how she nurtured her resentment along with her emotion and how she eventually sought them out and ended them. Essentially she was the highlight of the glamor movie. The film shrugs and cheats. Preeti Sundar gave a promising performance. Sundar became a hair hostess. Made an effort to impress with beauty, glamor to beauty. He then covered his face with a mask and impressed Pia, who played the villain. Those who did in the rest of the cast were impressed with their respective roles.

Technical Highlights:

Music played a prominent role in this film. Several scenes drove the story forward. It should be said that RR is the main highlight. Venkatesh impressed the mirror with his own music. And the cinematography is also good. This crime thriller plays a major role in crime thriller movies. The cinematography provided by Gopi in this regard is a highlight. Longer editing is also good. Most scenes feel gripping. Zubair, the director who chose a different story as the finale, took great care in terms of story and narration. Most importantly, he tried to bring the story of his choice to the screen in a gripping way. Construction values ​​are good.


Director Zubair chose a different thriller with a Nigerian theme and succeeded in bringing it to the screen as intended. Nowhere does he lead the story as gripping, continuing the suspense in a row without confusion. Most of the scenes are interestingly shot with suspense elements. The background scoring is awesome. The cinematography is good. Editing also looks very professional. The production values ​​are adapted to the story and its level. Overall, Mr.X is a good thriller with a movie ending Supanoka. The second half was successful in getting the film screened with good commitment following the interval twist, as well as increasing the interest in the audience. A movie that will appeal to those who love thriller movies. So dont miss.

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