September 30, 2022

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Neeku Naku Pellanta Tom Tom Tom Movie Review

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Directed by: Talluri Manikanta
Producer: Kasu Srinivas Reddy
Music: Raghu Kunche
Cinematography: Aditya Vardhan
Cast Sanjana, Karthik, Khayyum etc.
Released: 18-02-2022
Rating: 3.25/5


Shatabdi Srinivas Reddy is not unknown. He was a pioneer in the field of the township and gained a lot of fame. Creating a mark in any field, he has entered the field of cinema to express his uniqueness. He became a producer himself and produced the film `Neeku Naku Pellanta Tantantam` starring Sanjana, Karthik, and Khayyum in the lead roles. The film was released in theaters on February 18, 2022. Bigg Boss Fame Sanjana played the lead role. Impressed with the teaser and trailer, the film targets youth as well as family members. The film manages to entertain with its hilarious comedy and catchy scenes. Let’s try to find out to what extent the audience is attracted to this film in other theaters …

 The story …

Sanjay is a girl with various habits like drugs and cigarettes. This girl, who is very bold, gets acquainted with a boy. She Falls in love with him. Will break up with him for years. Unable to cope with Sanjana’s habits, the boyfriend leaves. What happened after that. The rest is the story of how Sanjana’s life took a turn.

Performance of Artists:

Entering Bigg Boss 2, Sanjana got a good craze in a short time and acted as the heroine after a long gap. In this, Sanjana acted very livelily. He seemed especially good at playing a bold role. Glamor as a girl who connects to the present trend is impressed in acting. Provoked in romantic scenes. Karthik was impressed by the role of the hero. As a man who loves a beautiful girl. After that, she acted well as a young man who could not bear the torture and broke up. The character of comedian Quyum, on the other hand, seems to show interest while smiling. Khayyam got a good role after a long time. As well as all of the other characters who acted in tune with their roles.

Performance of technicians:

The approach of taking an interesting story and adding another thriller angle to it and running the story is very good. The director should be commended in this regard. Along with the story, he also wrote the story in an impressive way. The director also cultivated good comedy in it. There is no doubt that he hit the pass marks as a director with this film. Along with the story of Aditya Wardhan, cinematography is also a plus for the film. Two of Raghu Kunche’s songs are impressive. The background music is also impressive. Editor work seems to be okay. The longer the construction values ​​the better. Running the story from one point of view .. then changing the whole story from one angle to another as if the angle from which I saw it was wrong is a screenplay technique. This technique has become a workout.


The movie turns out to be a super suspense thriller if you look at the title and it feels like a romantic family entertainment movie. It feels like a very serious thriller if you can get me married somewhere. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally, we turn to comedy. Friendship, love, and emotions are the big plus points of this film. The director portrayed middle-class values ​​well on screen. He created scenes to make the family feel the emotions. It has love, bold scenes, suspense as well as a comedy that makes you laugh. Don’t miss this movie.

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