July 12, 2024

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బెస్ట్ సెల్లింగ్ డైలీ బ్రాడ్కాస్ట్.

‘Ninnu Vadalanu’ movie coming in horror suspense thriller genre

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Ninnu Vadalun is directed by Sheraz Mehdi, produced by Ashok Khullar, co-produced by Devendra Negi, under UVT Hollywood Studio (USA) and Shreya Productions banner, starring Lyuba Palm and Khushbu Jain in lead roles. Gangadhar, Vizag Sharif, Vizag Ravi Teja, Ajay, Ananth are playing other important roles. The film is going to be a horror and suspense thriller set in the Goa and Hyderabad areas.

Lyuba Palm was born and raised in Russia. She is also a singer and producer. In Russia, She worked as a producer for a documentary film called Save the Children and as a writer and producer for a TV series called Love Over Evil. Now she is coming to us with a horror suspense thriller movie called Ninnu Vadalanu in Straight Telugu movie.

Lyuba Palm, Khusbhu Jain, Gangadhar, Vizag Shareef, Vizag Ravi Teja, Ajay, Ananth

Banner : UVT Hollywood Studio (USA) and Shreya Productions
Producer : Ashok Khullar
Co-producer : Devendra Negi
Cameraman : Praveen Komari
Editor: K. Prabhu
DI: Shri
Choreographer : Sai Raju
Action : Shaolin Mallesh
Director: Sheraz Mehdi
P R O : Madhu VR

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