July 13, 2024

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బెస్ట్ సెల్లింగ్ డైలీ బ్రాడ్కాస్ట్.

‘Peka Medalu’ movie grand trailer launch event was held today – movie release on 19th July

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Vinodh Kishan is making his debut as a Telugu hero with Peka Medalu. Previously, he acted in the movies ‘Na Parama Shiva’, ‘Andhagaram’ and ‘Gangs of Godavari’. Anusha Krishna is playing as the heroine. After establishing the company Crazy Ants Productions with the movie Evvariki Cheppoddu, now the team is coming to audience with the movie Peka Medalu. In the past, the teaser, first song and second song of this movie got good response. Recently, the innovative promotional video made by hero Vinod Kishan impressed the audience. The trailer launch event for this movie was held today. They are doing promotions in an innovative way and are raising the expectations of the movie. On 19th of this month Peka Medalu movie is going to hit the screens.

Director Nilgiri Mamilla said on this occasion: It is very happy to launch the trailer of this movie by media personalities. We are showing this movie close to the events that happen in everyone’s life. The audience will enjoy the entertainment as well as the emotions in the family. We are releasing this movie on 19th of this month. He said that the support of the media and the audience should be on our film and make the film a good success.

Producer Rakesh Varre said: I am thankful to the media who have been supporting my film since the promotions started. We started the promotion with QR scan in an innovative way and it became a big success. We will continue to do innovative promotions like this till the release of the movie. This is not only a comedy film but we have made a good concept film with a core point about the support given by women to men. Along with entertainment, it is also emotional movie. We are releasing the movie 19th of this month. I hope everyone will like this movie for sure.

Heroine Anusha Krishna said: Thanks to the media who came to support. It is a pleasure to launch this trailer at your hands. I hope that the audience will support our film and make it a success.

Hero Vinodh Kishan said: This is my first film as a hero in Telugu. Thanks to my director Nilgiri and producer Rakesh Varre for selecting me. Thank you very much for the support given by the media since the start of the promotion. Similarly, I wish audience to support the film by watching it and making it a good success.

Vinodh Kishan, Anusha Krishna, Ritika Srinivas, Jagan Yogi Raj, Anusha Nutala, Ganesh Tipparaju, Naren Yadav

Production : Crazy Ants Productions
Producer: Rakesh Varre
Writer and Director: Nilgiri Mamilla
DOP: Haricharan K.
Editor: Srijana Addusumilli, Hamza Ali
Music Director: Smaran Sai
Line Producer: Anoosha Bora
Executive Producer: Ketan Kumar
P R O: Madhu VR

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