July 13, 2024

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“The Birthday Boy” Trailer: A Comedy-Drama of Friendship and Unexpected Twists

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The trailer for “The Birthday Boy,” a comedy-drama film, has just been released, promising an engaging and entertaining experience for audiences. The story revolves around five friends who decide to take a break from alcohol but break their resolution for one of their friend’s birthdays. The group throws an alcohol-fueled party, leading to a series of unfortunate events that culminate in a shocking death.

In the film, four friends playfully swing their birthday boy friend, accidentally dropping him onto a glass table. The resulting fatal injury sets off a chain of twists and turns, leading to a brother stepping in as their lawyer. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that the incident was not an accidental death but a planned murder. The mystery deepens, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the film’s release to uncover the truth.

Producer Bharath shared his heartfelt connection with the boys who acted in the film, stating, “I felt very connected with the cinema. I live in the cinema. That’s what makes this film special. Please watch it in theaters.”

Director Whisky revealed that the story is based on a realistic incident that happened in his life nine years ago. While choosing to keep his face hidden, he passionately urges viewers, “If you like the movie, spread the word to two people. If you don’t like it, tell ten.”

Actor Ravi Krishna expressed his excitement about working with the passionate team, saying, “The boys are always doing something to promote the film. This film definitely won’t disappoint you.”

“The Birthday Boy” hits theaters on July 19th. The trailer has already garnered positive reactions, and the film is expected to be a captivating blend of humor, suspense, and drama. Don’t miss out on this unique cinematic experience!

Cast: Mani Vaka, Raja Ashok, Vikranth Ved, Sai Arun, Rahul Ch, and others.

Writer and Director: Whisky
Executive Producer: Bharatth
Director of Photography: Sankirth Raahul
Music Director: Prashanth Srinivas
Cast: Ravi Krishna, Rajeev Kanakala, Sameer Malla
Production Designer: AR. Vamsi G
Editor: Naresh Adupa
Sync & Sound Design: Sai Maneendhar Reddy
Sound Mixing: Aravind Menon
Color Grading: Metin Okutay
Make-up Chief: Venkat Reddy
Publicity Designer: Omkar Kadiyum
Digital Marketing: First Show
PRO: Eluru Sreenu, Madhuri Madhu
Music Label: Madhura Audio

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