September 24, 2022

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Yada Thanunnado Movie Review

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Directed by: Dondapati Vamsikrishna
Music: Charanarjun
Banner: Tanishka Multi Vision, Dondapati Cinemas
Producer: Gujja Yugendra Rao
Cast: Abhiram, Komali Prasad, Shivaji Raja, Sanjay Swaroop and others.
Release: 10-12-2021
Rating: 3/5


Master Abhinav Manikanta, who played the minor role of Pawan Kalyan in ‘Balu’, has made a name for himself as a child actor in over fifty films. Now turning into a hero, Abhinav Manikanta is introducing himself as a hero in the movie ‘Yada Thanunnado’, which is being produced by Gujja Yugandhar Rao and directed by Dondapati Vamsi Krishna, who has been working in the writing and directing department for seven years under the banner of renowned producer Dil Raju. We have got a lot of love stories of a boyfriend looking for a girlfriend. But in contrast, in this, Priyurale goes on the road in search of a boyfriend. The road trip-based emotional feel-good love story movie ‘Yada Thanunnado’ was shot at Vikarabad Forest, Srisailam Forest, Bangalore, Mysore, and Coorg hit stations. What will the movie be like next year? If you want to know why she went in search of her boyfriend, you have to go into the story.

Story : 

Nithya is Belonging to the family class girl. For his beloved boyfriend, it is the story of a broken girlfriend who travels thousands of kilometers in the path of his memories. The story takes many twists and turns with some sort of adventure thriller events. This is the story of a girlfriend whose parents love her boyfriend whom she loves more than her life. She loves a young man named Karthik so much. Hero Karthik is a boy from the middle class, But does he accidentally disappear? Where did he go that was not himself? Nithya, who did not want to live without him, traveled to many places in search of him. Why did he actually disappear? And did her attempt to find his pay off? Did they actually finally meet? Or not? Is the rest of the story.


Komali Prasad’s performance as Bhagna’s girlfriend is the highlight of the movie. Sanjay Swaroop also played a key role in this. There is nothing new to be said about Abhinav Manikanta’s performance as a hero. Since he played different roles as a child actor, he excelled as a Lover. His gestures are impressive. The emotion of falling in love with a boyfriend, especially for his girlfriend, is nicely shown by the emotion of falling in love with a girlfriend. Other characters like Shivaji Raja, Sudarshan, Zabardast Fani, Lavanya Reddy, Satvik, Kaveri, etc. impressed in their respective roles.

Technical Highlights:

The music for this film is impressive. Music director Charan Arjun gave good music. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. As well as editing, the photography is impressive. Travel-themed movie so .. tried to show the new locations beautifully. The story chosen by the director is new. Until now, it is common to look for a boyfriend for a girlfriend. But how much the girlfriend is looking for for the boyfriend is very new. Especially interesting is where he went and what happened. The director has shown good talent in this regard. He was very interested in the story. Dialogues, the screenplay is good. Construction values ​​are OK.


We have got a lot of love stories of boyfriend looking for a girlfriend. But in contrast, in this, Priyurale goes on the road in search of a boyfriend. Road trip-based emotional feel is a good love story, the dialogues, direction, camera, editing as well as the story are good in terms of directing the film. All in all, a good love story. There is nothing new to be said that the audience will definitely appreciate such fragmented films. So the feeling of seeing a new kind of movie in the background of traveling.

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