May 20, 2024

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Bang Bros- Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna’s Teaser ‘Om Bheem Bush’ is out now

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Bang Bros Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna generated laughs with a pre-look glimpse and first-look poster of the out-and-out-entertainer Om Bheem Bush directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti of Husharu fame. V Celluloid and Sunil Balusu together bankroll the project, while UV Creations presents it. Are you willing to get rid of Monday blues? The Bang Bros show a glimpse of their entertaining world, as the teaser of the movie which is a new mantra for entertainment is out now.

The teaser begins on a humorous note with three scientists skipping an ad and waiting to watch a video on YouTube ignoring a patient in critical condition. They shift their base from the city to a rural village where they start A to Z Solutions. However, they have another agenda of discovering a treasure in the village. In the process, they notice that black magic is being done in the village.

The director showed his mark in every aspect. Firstly, presenting the lead trio as scientists who are on a mission to find a treasure, coupled with horror elements is a good thought. The A To Z Solutions and the conversations with villagers offer unlimited fun. Quoting reviewers’ views to criticize himself and calling it the most illogical and ridiculous movie of the year shows his brilliance. The last episode of the trio discussing mindlessly in the bed is the most entertaining part. Get ready for a laughing riot in theatres, as the teaser is exceedingly amusing.

Sree Vishnu is at his usual best with his superb comic timing and he must be appreciated for giving equal space to Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. It’s good to see The Bang Bros together on screen in hilarious roles.

Preethi Mukundhan and Ayesha Khan are the heroines in the movie where Srikanth Iyengar, Aditya Menon, and Racha Ravi will be seen in important roles.

Cinematographer Raj Thota and music director Sunny MR worked in tandem to create a perfect mood. Srikanth Ramisetty is the art director, while Vijay Vardhan is the editor.

The real fun begins in less than a month, as Om Bheem Bush will be hitting the screens on March 22nd.

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Preethi Mukundhan, Ayesha Khan, Srikanth Iyengar, Aditya Menon, Racha Ravi and others.

Technical Crew:
Writer, Director: Sree Harsha Konuganti
Presents: V Celluloid
Producers: V Celluloid, Sunil Balusu
DOP: Raj Thota
Music Director: Sunny MR
Art Director: Srikanth Ramisetty
Editor: Vijay Vardhan
PRO: Vamsi-Shekar
Marketing: First Show

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