May 20, 2024

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‘Darshini’ trailer unveiled

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‘Darshini’ is a science-fiction thriller film produced by Dr. LV Suryam under the direction of Dr. Pradeep Allu. The upcoming release stars Vikas and Shanti in lead roles. V4 Cine Creations is readying the film for a theatrical release soon. The film’s riveting trailer was today unveiled by senior producer KL Damodar Prasad.

Speaking on the occasion, Damodar Prasad said, “Two and a half years ago, Team Darshini met me near the Film Chamber building in Hyderabad. They are well-read and earned their doctorates and are working as professors. They are entering the film industry with this sci-fi thriller. They asked me to release the first poster at an event in Vizag. I released the first poster of the movie I liked the movie a lot and its concept is intriguing. I wish this team a successful journey.”

Producer Dr. LV Suryam said, “This field is new to us. However, we made Darshini with a passion for cinema. The first person who supported us in this journey was KL Damodar Prasad garu. We thank him on this occasion. Our director Dr. Pradeep Allu has poured his life into this project whose story revolves around three main characters who are unhappy with their lives. The film has good comedy, strong emotions and romance. We are planning to release it in May.”

Director Dr. Pradeep Allu said, “KL Damodar Prasad is our Godfather. He supported us very well. Our producer, our co-director, our hero and heroine are now like a family. We regard ‘Darshini’ as our own project, which has shaped up really well. It will be released in the month of May and we hope everyone is going to love it.”

Hero Vikas said, “The backbone of our film is our director Dr. Pradeep Allu. We have seen a lot of hardships in this journey but we have worked hard on the film with passion. The film has turned out very well and will be released soon.”

Mahendra, the producer of ‘Sabari’, said, “Two professors who studied at Kakinada JNTU University have produced this film with a love for cinema. This film should be a huge success.”

Co-director Santhosh said, “The reason this film started is because of our director Dr. Pradeep Allu. We made the film despite facing hiccups. It will be released in the month of May. The film has done well and everyone will like it.”

Actor Satya Prasad said, “All of us who have worked on this film are like a family. We had planned to make this film during the pandemic. It is now finally ready to be released.”

Journalist Prabhu said, “I liked the teaser and the trailer very much. I am here today to support young talents. I also did an interview on Suman TV with the team. They are coming out with a unique story. I wish the team all the success.”

Banner: V4 Cine Creations
Actors: Vikas, Shanti, Satya Prasad and others.
Cinematography: Ravi Milky
Editors: Praveen Jairaj, Chandu Chalamala
Music Director: Nijani Anjan
Background Score: Siva Prasad
DI: B2H Studios
Colorist : Venkat
Dubbing: Sidhu Patnana, Raju Garude
Sound Engineer: Damodar Rao
VFX Supervisor: Praveen Jairaj
Designs: MKS Manoj
PRO: Paul Pavan
Digital Marketing: S3 Digital Media Work
Line Producer and Co-Director: K Santhosh Kumar
Director: Dr. Pradeep Allu
Producer: Dr. LV Suryam

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