May 29, 2024

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‘Diksha’ movie started under the Direction of Pratani Ramakrishna Goud

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The movie ‘Dhiksha’ is being produced under the self-direction of Pratani Ramakrishna Goud, the famous director, producer and president of Telangana Film Chamber under the banners of R.K.Films and Snigdha Creations. Pinisetti Ashok Kumar  is the co-producer and Poorna Venkatesh is the co-producer. The film starring Kiran Kumar and Bhavyasree opened on Friday with a grand opening at Film Chamber in Hyderabad. President of Siddipet District Congress Party, former MLA Tumukunta Narsa Reddy, Brahman’s worshiper Dr. Yogananda Krishnamacharya was present as the chief guest. Divine time clap given to R.K. Goud While Tumukunta Narsa Reddy switched the camera, Dr. Yogananda Krishnamacharya directed the first shot and JVR Ê Gururaj penned the script.

In the press conference held on this occasion, Brahmashree Dr. Yogananda Krishnamacharya says… I am well acquainted with RK Goud. Today is a very auspicious day and the film ‘Dhiksha’ which has been launched on this occasion will definitely be a good success. He said that this film will bring good name to Ramakrishna Gowda, actors and technicians.

RK Goud said… Recently I took a bit of a gap in directing. With the completion of a good story, I am again coming to you as a director and producer through this film. My thanks to Narsa Reddy, Yogananda Krishnamacharyu, other friends and well-wishers who came to bless us. ‘Dhiksha’ is a movie with good story strength. A story that is likely to win awards too. The shooting will take place from May 1. Along with Hyderabad, there will be a schedule in Dubai as well. Whatever you do with dedication and perseverance, you will surely succeed. This is the case with every human being. We are making this film based on this. It is said that behind every male success there is a female. Also behind the success of a woman there is a man. The recording of the songs has also been completed. After this movie, I am going to do another movie in the background of sports. Hero Teja is playing a negative role in it. The songs are also complete. We do not compromise anywhere with good quality. Unit is a film that brings good name to all. Henceforth our R.K. He said that we are determined to continue making films under the Films banner.

Tumukunta Narsareddy said… R.K. Goud is also in politics. He is known as a good public servant. Now Kalamatalli remained in service. I want him to participate in public service again. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is trying hard for the development of the film industry. So I hope that if Ramakrishna Goud joins him, the industry will be better. He said that he wished that this ‘Dhiksha’, which was inaugurated today, would be a success.

TFCC Vice President Gururaj said… The film’s opening ceremony was celebrated among so many well-wishers. We have already introduced many actors and technicians to the industry. They are in a good position now. More talented people will be introduced to the industry through this movie. He said he wants everyone’s blessings.

Hero and heroine Kiran Bhavyashree said… This is a movie with good content. RK who selected us for such a good film. Thanks to Goud and other producers. We are lucky to have roles that have scope for acting. We are confident that Dhiksha is a movie that will bring good name and awards to everyone.

Furthermore, JVR, producer Venkateshwarlu, Chittajallu Prasad, writer Meda Prasad, producer Giri and others who participated in this program wanted Pratani Ramakrishna Goud’s directorial talent to once again reap a harvest of records for Tollywood with this film. The details of the technicians and actors will be announced very soon for Dhiksha.

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