May 20, 2024

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Director Anil Katz words about the movie ‘Sabari’

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Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar played the lead role in the movie ‘Sabari’. The film is produced by Mahendranath Kundla under Maha Movies banner under Maharshi Kundla’s submission. Anil Katz, who has worked with directors B Gopal, AS Ravikumar Chaudhary and Madan, is making his debut as a director with the film ‘Sabari’. Director Anil Katz’s interview in the background of the film’s pan India release on May 3rd…

Why was the title ‘Sabari’ given? What was the reason behind the choice of that name?
If Ramayana is taken, Rama is not Sabari’s own son. She waited for many years for him to come. Only give tasty fruits, if there is any danger from those fruits, they will give them. There is a sincerity in her love. There is a river named Sabari in AP. Everyone knows Sabarimala shrine in Kerala. Sabari means ‘female tiger’ in Sanskrit. My main character has all these qualities. So, I gave that title.

When did you get the idea of ​​’Sabari’?

The idea of ​​’Sabari’ came four or five years ago. ‘If we love something more than life… it is likely to become a hatred that takes life’ – this is the point I wanted to make! Motherhood is the purest form of love even in a changing society. There is no such thing as a bad mother when it comes to children. A mother’s love is honest. In this background, the story is written that it would be better to tell that point in the background of mother daughter love.

Why Vara Lakshmi chose Sarath Kumar for the lead role?
There are very few artistes in India who have the ability to play female lead roles. Vara Lakshmi Sarath Kumar appeared who could do the ‘Sabari’ of those few and who could cultivate all the variations in the film’s lead role. He gave good performances in ‘Pandem Kodi 2’, ‘Tara Tappatai’, ‘Vikram Veda’ and ‘Sarkar’. She has done films as a heroine. Once you become a heroine, you look to do those types of roles. But, Varalakshmi did character artist roles. She has seen interviews. Loved the off screen characterization. Do artists believe what we want to say in the story? Or? is very important. It can be seen on the face if you believe it. It will help the movie. I approached her with that selfishness as a director. When the story was told in Chennai, it was done in a single sitting. No major changes or additions.

After Vara Lakshmi said OK to story, you went to the producer?
When you find an artist you like, you have to find a suitable production house for that artist. We need to find a producer who will support us to shoot the way we want. It took me some time to find such a producer. Luckily Mahendranath got to know me. He wants to do a project by then. He said that the story was good after hearing it. Let’s start the movie knowing that Varalakshmi has done okay.

How was the working experience with Vara Lakshmi?
Vara Lakshmi is a director’s artiste. Since she has worked in the direction department, she knows about camera and shots. No need to explain much.

What about Shashank, Ganesh Venkatraman & other artists?

Vara Llakshmi played the role of Sarath Kumar’s daughter Baby Niveksha. Shashank played a good role. It is in the form of representation to the audience. Thriller movies always have a representation to the audience. Ganesh Venkatraman played a key role. He played a role that causes the mental state of the heroine to become that way. Some characters are representative of the current society. All other artists have done well.

Did you plan to release pan India from the beginning?

When I thought of the story, I wanted to make it in Telugu. Varalakshmi has a Tamil market, so I thought it would be better if it was made in Telugu and Tamil languages. After the arrival of our producer Mahendranath, we will release pan India. Pan India trend started when the movie started. He saw the universal appeal and potential in the story. I said ok.

Already released songs became hits. So howaAbout Gopi Sunder’s music?

He came into contact when he did ‘Kentha Manchavadura’. There was a good bonding between us. He also sends me the songs of his films in other languages. I told the situations before. Good songs were given. After that the movie was completed and re-recorded. Appreciated that the movie is very good. Cinematographer Rahul Srivatsav and Art Director Ashish Tej have given extraordinary output. We made a good film with the cooperation of our team.

Is it true that it is more than the budget?

The story takes place in the background of Visakha. That is, while writing the story, I thought of the hill station as a backdrop. Plays hill station character in thriller movies. At the time Varalakshmi gave us the dates, when we went to Visakha, the weather there was not what we wanted. Then we went to Kodaikanal. So the budget is a little higher. However, our producer Mahendranath was very supportive. He should be thanked for that. He spent for quality.

Everyone is happy after the success of films like ‘Hanuman’ even if the budget is high. I hope our film team and producer will also be happy with ‘Sabari’.

Finally… what will you tell the audience about ‘Sabari’?

I believe it will give a good theatrical experience. Let’s forget the rest of the world and our troubles! Keeping that in mind, she took ‘Sabari’. It’s not just a thriller… there’s a lot of emotions. If you just try to scare, the audience will not be thrilled. Connect with the characters on screen. The audience has to imagine themselves in that role. Then the thrill is working out. ‘Sabari’ gives a good thrill.

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