May 29, 2024

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First movie title launch under VC Creations banner – ‘Padma Vyuhamlo Chakradhari’ starring Ashu Reddy

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An unique pure love emotional drama is being made under the direction of Sanjay Reddy Bangarapu with young talented Praveen Raj Kumar as the hero, Sasika Tikko and Ashu Reddy in key roles. Produced by K. O. Ramaraju, this film has been given an interesting title as ‘Padma Vyuhamlo Chakradhari’. A title launch press meet was held on this occasion.
Director Sriram Aditya, who was the chief guest at the press meet said….. “The title and poster of ‘Padma Vyuhamlo Chakradhari’ is very interesting. Praveen Rajkumar, Ashu Reddy, Shashika Tikko, Madunandan, Bhupal Raju. All the best to the film crew. I am confident that this film will definitely be a success,” he said.
Director Krishna Chaitanya said.. the name of ‘Padma Vyuhamlo Chakradhari’ is very unique. The content is also different. Praveen Rajkumar has worked very hard. All the best to everyone who worked in this movie. The film should be a big success.’
Praveen Rajkumar said.. Everyone has a first love. Some succeed, some fail. But Madhunandan will be seen in the role of a man who stopped at his first love and how he got out of there. That role is very memorable. Ashu also acted very well. Thanks to everyone who worked on this movie. Thanks to director Krishna Chaitanya, Sriram Aditya, Veera Shankar and Subbareddy Anna for coming to this ceremony.
The director of this film Sanjay Reddy Bangarapu said. We took it very hard. The Rayalaseema region has been witnessing factional fights for years. We are going to show the pure love of this region. We hope that the audience will appreciate this story set in the rural background.”
Sasika said.. I will be seen in the role of Satya. It is believed that this film made with very good story and stories will definitely entertain the audience. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me this opportunity,” he said.
Ashu Reddy said.. I am playing the role of Padma in this. It is a very different character. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good role.
Director Veera Shankar said.. We will try our best to help the new producers. I also request the industry to create a positive environment and support the new producers. “Congratulations to the team of ‘Padma Vyuhamlo Chakradhari’,” he said.
Madhunandan said.. He made this movie with a lot of passion. My role in this is very diverse. The director chose a very unique story. He said that he is confident that this movie with good emotions will definitely entertain everyone.

Cast: Praveen Rajkumar, Sasikatikku, Ashu Reddy, Madhunandan, Bhupal Raju, Dhanaraj, Roopa Lakshmi, Master Rohan, Muralidhar Goud, Mahesh Vitta, Vasu Once More, Baby Prekshitha, Abba TV Hari.

Crew :

Directed by : Sanjay Reddy Bangarapu
Producer : K.O. Rama Raja
D.O.P. : G. Amer
Music : Vinod Yajamanya
Editor : SB Uddhav
Story : Darshan
Choreography : Bhanu
PRO: Tejaswi S

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