May 29, 2024

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‘Ground’ is a low budget natural movie, different from the routine movies that comes before us – Ground Movie Review

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Along with the movies releasing this week, a small budget movie but a good movie has come before us. Even though he is a software employee, with passion for cinema, Suraj himself acted as producer and director produced Ground Cinema. The actors and technicians who all worked for movie are new and passionate about movies. All those who play gully cricket on Sunday will like this movie. The events that happened on the same day on the same ground were depicted as naturally as if they happened in front of us. Every character played in it has importance. Every actor and technician did justice to the work they did for this movie.

Plot of the story:
Unlike the routine Telugu cinema, Ground Cinema is very naturally made film. It is the story of the boys playing cricket in the gully ground on Sundays. The story is about how the boys who were playing on the ground on a Sunday faced a problem with another group playing there. Common sounds heard around us are taken as background music. It has been shot naturally in natural light as if it is happening infront of us.

Performances :
Hari new comer played a role as the captain of the cricket team acted well. As well as his gang of friends who are also newcomers have acted very well. Tejaswini’s performance as the heroine is good. The expressions she gave are well and cute. Durga’s performance as heroine friend character is good. Preeti (Chinni) character who played the sister character acted very well in the character of teasing all the gang. Nagaraju’s performance as the hero’s friend character is good. All the actors performances are played with ease and are attractive.

Technical Team :
Being a producer and director, Suraj has shot a good film, Ground, even though it is his first film. Although it is a low budget story, he shot it naturally with the limited resources, unlike the routine cinemas. He also made sure that the music was close to natural sounds surrounding us. Music given by Bhaskar is good. The story by Vijay Gattu is well written with simple concept. Zaheer Bhasha’s cinematography and editing works are excellent.

– Each and every role and character has importance
– Even though the team of newcomers portrayed the film differently, unlike the routine cinemas

-A some lag scenes

Overall Ground is a good movie for youth and gully cricket lovers

Rating : 3.25/5

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