May 20, 2024

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Its not RGV’s ‘Satya’, its my movie : Siva Mallala

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Everyone knows about ‘Sivam Media’ newly founded by senior journalist Siva Mallala. His debut project is dubbed Tamil movie Satya starring Hamaresh and Prarthana Sandeep. Teaser and song launched by the production house today at Prasad Labs by seniour journalists and photogrphers as the chief guests of that event.

In this event held at Prasad Labs, Director Vaali Mohan Das said: He likes Telugu very much. I am very happy to have done such a heartfelt film. Everyone did very well. Satya’s film is very special for me because it is my first film, first hero, first heroine, first producer.. This is a story taken from my experience.

Hero Hamaresh said: We have brought you the Tamil movie Rangoli in Telugu.. I watch every Telugu movie released in Chennai.. I know the power of this Telugu stage.. I could not have done all this without the support of Mom, Dad, Babu Reddy. Many people have seen this movie in Tamil and messaged me on Instagram. The movie is very good.. As my father is from Srisailam and mother from Chennai, Telugu and Tamil industries are equal for me with two eyes.

K.N. Vijay Kumar who gave the words to the movie Satya in Telugu said: Satya is not like a movie, everything is very live.. There are many family emotions, except one and two all are new in this movie, despite being a first time director Vali Mohandas has directed very well. I don’t feel like I have seen any movie while watching this movie, Shiva’s journey you will all see.. All the students will think. I am indebted to producer Shiv Mallala for giving me this opportunity and believing in me.

Producer K Babu Reddy said: Siva started his first film as a producer with a name like Satya, and he said that he wanted to get big successes.

Producer Satish said: Being a Telugu person, I settled down in Chennai.. I showed the movie to Siva.. Immediately he said ‘I will release this movie in Telugu.’ They said we are releasing it, then I understood that Shiva was serious.. After that, here we are today.. Hamaresh Vikram: Haroga’s movie “Nanna” as a love child artist, Lokesh did films in Kanagaraj city under the direction of Priyadarshi. Then Hamaresh’s passion I don’t understand, in the days after, his effort was realized, we started this movie with the name Rangoli in Gopuram Productions, it became a big success.. That’s why we are all supporting.. The Telugu industry has supported many people and I think Amaresh will also support you.

Prartharna Sandeep said – Rangoli became a big hit in Tamil and now he wants to make it a success in Telugu.

TFJA president TV9 Lakshmi Narayana said: Siva worked hard as a journalist in the media and came to this stage. We wish this first attempt a big success.

BA raju son Siva said: This movie shows everyone how a man changes if he has a good company or a bad company.

Cine Josh Rambabu said that I got all these recognitions today because of Siva’s wife Sujatha.. I know Siva very well and want this movie to be a big success.

Actor Karthik Ratnam said: The movie Rangoli is going to be a hit.. Everyone will definitely like it in Telugu. I am very happy that Shiva Mallala is releasing this movie. This director Vaali Mohan Das also watched a movie with me.. that too will be released soon.

Senior reporter Prabhu said: Shiva’s journey is seen once. From the advent of the reel camera to the digital era.. He always strives.. He keeps running to make his mark.. Success will surely come to a person who believes in hard work and maintains relationships.

Producer Shiva Mallala’s wife Sujatha said: I wish Shiva good success and Satya said all the best to the team.

Sivam Media Head Shivam Mallala said.. Everything came together for this movie.. Family star screening was held here at the time of our event today.. I like Dil Raj garu very much, the way he worked hard and grew up is an inspiration to me.. A star producer like Dil Raju garu. Wished Amaresha and Pratharna Sandeep today too. No one likes father.. I don’t have a father, so I know his value well, all children think what father gave us, but the hero of my film, Satya, started his journey saying that I have to give anything to my father, I can do anything if I want to. Many producers asked me to make this movie in Telugu, but Satish said that I had given my word to Siva, he trusted me and gave me this movie. Also at the end of the pressmeet, he said that the RGV is nothing him. His Satya and RGV Satya are different so he won’t mind about RGV.

PRO Maduri Madhu said: From a simple photographer to a producer. I want to make a hit with this movie and get success as a direct producer of Shiva Mallala

Banner: Shivam Media
Hero: Amaresh
Heroine: Pratharna Sandeep
Director: Wali Mohan Das
Words : K.N Vijay Kumar
Producer: Shiva Mallala
P R O : Madhu VR

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