May 20, 2024

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“Pranale” Song out from “Ravikula Raghurama” by Director Radha Krishna

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In a heartwarming event, the much-anticipated song “Pranale” from the upcoming movie “Ravikula Raghurama” was released with great enthusiasm. The film directed by Chandrashekar Kanuri, features the talented Gowtham Sagi as the hero and the stunning Deepshika as the heroine.

The release of the song was a momentous occasion, graced by the presence of the stylish director Radha Krishna. Not only did he unveil the song, but he also took the opportunity to extend his best wishes to Sridhar Varma Sagi the producer of the film. Radha Krishna commended Sridhar Varma Sagi’s positivity and wished the entire team the very best for the movie’s release scheduled for March 15th.

During the event, Radha Krishna reminisced about his longstanding friendship with Sridhar Varma Sagi and the movie director Chandrashekar Kanuri. He shared their journey from working together as assistant directors more than 20 years ago when Kanuri was his senior. This reunion is a testament to the enduring bonds formed in the world of cinema.

Expressing his admiration, Radha Krishna praised the movie’s hero, Gowtham Sagi highlighting his impressive looks in the film. The director was visibly pleased to be a part of the song release and took the opportunity to wish the entire team of “Ravikula Raghurama” success in their cinematic venture.

The camaraderie between Radha Krishna, Sridhar Varma Sagi and Chandrashekar Kanuri serves as a reminder of the collaborative spirit that has fueled their journey in the film industry. As the countdown to the movie release begins, the entire team is undoubtedly buoyed by the support and good wishes from the industry stalwart Radha Krishna. Here’s to the success of “Ravikula Raghurama” and the continued celebration of friendships that withstand the test of time in the world of cinema.

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