May 29, 2024

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‘Satya’ movie Grand Pre Release event – Releasing on 10th May

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The trailer for “Satya,” the debut film from Sivam Media production house, was launched today in the presence of eight directors. The posters and teasers released earlier garnered significant praise from the audience. The team announced that “Satya” will hit theaters worldwide on May 10.

Director Krishna Chaitanya commented, “It was delightful to see Hamaresh at the launch, reminiscent of GV Prakash. Producer Siva Mallala has been a constant support since the inception of my career. I hope this film brings him immense success. Since Saraswati is depicted in the movie, may Lakshmi also grace Shiva Mallala with prosperity.”

Director Pawan Sadineni praised the actors’ performances in the trailer and acknowledged Shiva Mallala’s influence, saying, “The newcomers in the trailer delivered commendable performances. Siva Mallala’s encouragement reinforces my belief in my work.”

Director Shashi Kiran Tikka expressed his best wishes, stating, “The ‘Satya’ trailer is impressive. I wish continuous success and smiles for Shiva garu.”

Writer and director Satish Vegesna praised Siva Mallala’s consistency, saying, “Shiva Mallala has maintained his integrity and kindness from day one. Now as a producer, his insightful reviews on films reflect his commitment. I am confident that ‘Satya’ will be devoid of any shortcomings under his guidance.”

Madhura Sridhar commended the trailer and highlighted Shiva Mallala’s enduring support, stating, “The ‘Satya’ trailer was well-received, showcasing excellent performances. Siva Mallala’s unwavering encouragement played a significant role in my journey. He reassured me during challenging times, and I owe part of my success to him.”

Director Arjun confidently predicted the success of “Satya” and lauded Shiva Mallala’s insightful analysis, remarking, “Siva Garu’s foresight is remarkable. His predictions about teasers and trailers often come true. With his guidance, ‘Satya’ is destined for success.”

Senior Journalist Prabhu commended Shiva Mallala’s journey from a humble beginning to a successful producer, predicting a bright future for “Satya.”

Producer Siva Mallala expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the film. He praised the trailer and immediately appreciated it, demonstrating his confidence in its success. He thanked everyone who contributed to the film’s journey and urged audiences to watch it upon its release on May 10.

Director Vaali Mohandas, who directed the Tamil version of the film, expressed his excitement about its Telugu release under Siva Mallala’s banner.

Lead actress Prathara Sandeep expressed her hopes for success in Telugu, following the film’s Tamil triumph.

Lead actor Hamaresh credited his family and well-wishers for his journey and found inspiration in Siva Mallala’s story. He expressed his joy at being launched in Telugu under such esteemed guidance.

The trailer’s positive reception has further fueled anticipation for the film’s release, with the team urging audiences to experience it in theaters on May 10.


  • Actors: Hamaresh, Pradhana Sandeep, Adugalam Murugadoss, Saishri, Akshaya


  • Producer: Siva Mallala
  • Music: Sundaramurthy K.Ys
  • Editing: R. Satyanarayana
  • Cinematography: I. Marudanayagam
  • Lyrics: Vijaykumar
  • Songs: Rambabu Gosala
  • Line Producer: Pawan Tata
  • Written and Directed by: Vali Mohandas
  • PRO: VR Madhu, Murthy Mallala

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