May 20, 2024

Namaste Telugu

బెస్ట్ సెల్లింగ్ డైలీ బ్రాడ్కాస్ట్.

The release date of the movie ‘Satya’ has been revealed

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Under the banner of Sivam Media, producer Siva Mallala proudly presents “Satya,” an emotional drama directed by the talented Vaali Mohandas. The film, set to hit screens on May 10, unfolds a poignant narrative about a son’s selfless journey in a society that values giving back to every child. Starring Hamaresh and Prarthana Sandeep in leading roles, “Satya” promises to tug at the heartstrings of audiences across Telugu states.

The film’s first song, released by Think Music, has already garnered praise for its emotional depth and resonant melodies, setting the stage for a captivating cinematic experience. With the Censor Board awarding the movie a ‘U’ certificate, “Satya” is poised to enchant viewers of all ages.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming release, Director Vaali Mohandas echoed Mallala’s sentiments, expressing confidence in the film’s potential to strike a chord with Telugu audiences and elevate his directorial career to new heights.

Producer Siva Mallala remarked, “We’ve spared no effort in bringing ‘Satya’ to fruition swiftly. We’re geared up for a grand release across Telugu states on May 10.”

Cast and Crew:
Starring: Hamaresh, Prarthana Sandeep
Director: Vaali Mohandas
Music: Sundaramurthy K.S
Editing: R. Satyanarayana
Cinematography: I.Marudanayagam
Lyrics: Vijaykumar
Songs: Rambabu Gosala
PRO: VR Madhu, Murthy Mallala
Line Producer: Pawan Tata
Producer: Siva Mallala

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