May 29, 2024

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We will only do concept films like My Dear Donga: CAM Entertainment Head Maheshwar Reddy at Pre Release event

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Abhinav Gomatam, who is entertaining with successful films, is the film ‘My Dear Donga’ in the title role. Shalini Kondepudi, Divya Sripada, Nikhil Gajula, Vamsidhar Goud and Shashank Manduri played key roles. Produced by Gojala Maheshwar Reddy under Cam Entertainment banner, the film is going to be released on popular Telugu OTT medium ‘Aha’. As part of the promotions of this film, a trailer launch event was held at Hyderabad Prasad’s Lab on Wednesday. Talented actor Priyadarshi attended the event as the chief guest and launched the trailer.

In this program Music director Ajay Arsada said.. ”If you star with Abhinav… Abhinav also played the character of a thief in our first movie ‘Jagannatakam’ in 2014. Again now after ten years he played the role of a thief. Comedy is very different in this. There is radical comedy. Enjoyed all the music. Not to mention Aha. I hope many more projects will come from Aha,” he said.

Producer Maheshwar Reddy said.. ”My dear Donga is Shalini in this team. For her to write a story and act in it is a great thing. She selected a director and was the key to making this project such a success. Later Aha played a key role in this project. Aha has identified many new talents and given them creative freedom. Director Sarvanga is really great who has given a good output in a very low budget and in a short time. Music is a great asset to this movie. The scenes between Shalini and Abhinav are well done. CAM Entertainment is three people. They are Chandra, Abhilash and Mahesh. We want to make friendly films with newcomers. Those who have good stories should contact us,” he said.

Actor Nikhil said.. ”This is my first prerelease event. Abhinav Anna anchored me a lot. It is really great that Shalini wrote the story herself and acted like Sidhu and Adivi Sesh. I learned one thing from one of the people who acted in it. Thanks Aha for believing in a new actor like me. He said.

Actress Snehal said..  “The director’s difficulty is visible in the trailer. Shalini’s writing is very good. I was lucky to act with Divya Sripada. Watch and enjoy ‘My Dear Thief’ on Aha on April 19.

Actress Divya Sripada said. I love sketches like Shalini’s. Now I have done it in a movie written by her. This is a natural story. A natural story is what everyone thinks of as a village backdrop. But this is a story that takes place in the city. This movie will make you laugh by making jokes about girl’s plight. In this my character is very close to my originality. They watch the entire movie without knowing the time. All the best to all the team,” he said.

Actor Shashank said.. “If we want to talk about our team, we have to talk about Shalini. She selected me in the first audition itself. She overcame some difficulties and completed the film. Abhinav learned a lot from Anna. All the team worked very energetically. Everyone should watch this movie on 19th, he said.

Heroine and writer Shalini said. Aha team believed in my script and my acting. They are the ones who gave me the first confidence. Nowadays, many actors are also doing writing. First I took Vamsi when I thought of this idea. Whenever I tell a joke, Vamsi improvises. Vamsi also improvised a dialogue in the trailer. Me, Priyadarshi and Abhinav Gotam are friends. It is said not to thank friends. He was afraid of what kind of talk would come after the release of the film. But success vibes are coming now. First we wanted to make it a web series. But we thought it would work out for the film as well and made it a film. The music director created magic with the BGM. Good luck to all the team.

Actor Vamsi said.. ”I have been watching Shalini since this idea started. In the first movie itself, Shalini did script work as well as acting. Her journey is really great.

Aha Content Head Vasu said.. ”Thank you to the audience who have been supporting Aha for years. Priyadarshi came as a guest on Ardamainda Arun Kumar’s Last Time . It was successful. Even now Darshi has come as a guest. This movie will also be a success. Shalini gave a great effort for the movie My Dear Donga. Producer Mahesh is a work monster. Director Sarvanga’s work is very good. If he works hard like this, he will make many more good films. Everyone is treating this project as a successful project. Abhinav’s craziness goes without saying. Shalini, when I thought who would be good as a thief, Abhinav’s name came up. Many people have done great work behind the scenes for this movie. Thanks to all of them. On April 19, see the thief in the air.”

Hero Abhinav Gomatam said.. ”I have been meeting people who have been working for this film since the first copy was ready. Aha Content Head Vasu supports everyone. Thanks to all the Aha team. The first positive feedback came from them. I have seen all of this content. Very exciting. Shalini and I are friends since ten years. Priyadarshi directed a short film with me. Now Shalini has acted in the script. She is very sensible. Her first project turned out very well. Happy to be a part of such a good project. All the best to all the team.

Chief guest Priyadarshi said.. ”Shalini and Abhinav are my friends. I came to support them. We all used to make short films somewhere. There is no money even for film screening here. But now it’s great to be on this stage. Shalini is coming to you by writing her own script as she is interested in acting but does not get opportunities. Aha came looking for Shalini as if looking for war and weapons. If you believe in yourself you will achieve what you want. Saline is an example of that. This movie should be a success for her. Aha supporting good movies is really good. Aha always supports those who have talent. All the best to the team of this film.

Starring: Abhinav Gomatam, Shalini Kondepudi, Divya Sripada, Nikhil Gajula, Vamsidhar Goud, Shashank Manduri, Chandra Vempathi etc.

Technical team:
Banner: Cam Entertainment
Producer: Maheshwar Reddy Gojala
Director: BS Sarvanga Kumar
Writer: Shalini Kondepudi
DOP: SS Manoj
Music Director: Ajay Arsada
Editor: Sai Murali
Production Designer: Jhansi Lingam
Executive Producer: Ravikiran Madineni, Venkatesh. Y
Costume Designer: Anusha Devara

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